Welcome to the source of the most advanced and highest-grade photo luminescent, glow-in-the-dark products in the world.  Our company has been developing leading edge glow-in-the-dark products since 1991. 

Please visit our many sites, glowingproducts.com, fotolum.com, after-lite.com, glowingboardbrite.com, glowinggear.com, glowithit.com. Additional Developments can be found on glowingproducts.com for a better understanding of the range of photo luminescent product possibilities. 

We offer development, design and engineering services, combined with the best supply of raw materials in the world. New advancements in the field of glowing COLORS are newly available for licensing and manufacturing.

For more information, email development@glowingproducts.com.

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Child Safety & Survival Kit • Board Brite Boarding Strips • Camp-Brite • BikeBrite • Nite Bike Brite • After-Lite Crystal Energy Cells & CFLs
After-Lite Linear Fluorescent Strips • Light Switch Locators • Blue Glow Pathway Markers • Glow Strips for Nerf Brand Darts
Glowing Key Fobs • Glow Bow Key Fobs • Glowing Glass Paver Bricks • Energy-Free Pathway Markers
Glowing Exit Signs • Heavy-Duty Neon Blue Board Brite • Make Your Own Nike & Adidas Glow-In-The-Dark Shoes

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FotoLum Glow n' Show Designer Women's Jacket – Truly One of a Kind

Glow n' Show Jacket

Glowing Exit Signs

Glowing Emblems

Glowing Arm & Headbands

Glowing Disney Jacket

Glowing Rail Road Signs

Glowing Roses

Glowing Aluminum Steps

Glowing Driveway Markers

Glowing Pill Containers

Glowing Trunk Release

Glowing Tiles

Glowing Pathway Markers

Glowing Boots

Glowing Colored Vinyl

Glowing Car Shoes

 Glowing Light Switch Locators

3M Glo Mega Hard Hat

Glowing Non Slip Tape

Glowing Step Markers

Glowing G-String

Glowing Collars

 Glowing TA Car Emblem

Glowing Shoes

Glowing AF Safety & Afterglow Lights

Glowing Superman & Spiderman Shoes

Glowing 2 Pc. Outfit

Glowing Skirt

 Glowing O-Dot Helmet


Additional Developments

Glowing Art Work

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